Health Resort Druskininkai

The first health establishment of the resort was wooden facilities for mineral water treatment, which had 14 baths in 1838. In 1841, it was expanded up to 50 baths. In 1894, the building burnt down and it was replaced by summer-type brick building with 70 baths for water treatment and 40 mudbaths. This building with the belongings remained till our days with slight changes.


In the 19th century, doctors A. Renier, K. Volfgang, J. Pileckis, L. Zembzickij and others were actively practicing in the health-resort. They carried out the first tests of the mineral water.


The wars of the 20th century set back the growth of the resort and the research of its curative factors. After the turbulence of the WW2 was over, restoration of the dilapidated buildings began. In the summer of 1947, there were 16 mineral water and eight mudbaths functioning in the health-resort.


In a course of time, the health-resort was expanding. The summer-type sanatoriums were heated, reconstructed. A new boiler house was built. The health-resort began operating all year round. In 1950 to1960, new departments were opened; the number of treatments was increased up to 2000 per day.


In June 1960, a new mud-cure home with 72 cubicles started operating. The author of the project was Vsevolodas Ulitka. Granite mosaic “Ratnycele” and “Nemunas” by artist Boleslovas Klova were installed in the façade of the mud-cure home.


In 1975, the construction of a complex of Druskininkai Physiotherapy Health-Resort began, which welcomed the first patients in February 1981. The authors of the project were A. and R. Silinskai.


After the opening of one of the largest health-resort complexes in Europe, 8000 patients were treated daily. The daily needs for mineral water amounted to 2000 m³. At the service of the patients – herbal, carbon dioxide, oxygen baths, curative showers, swimming pool with cascades, underwater massage, intestine showers, inhalations, vertical, children baths.


In 1950 to1980, doctors A.Dalibogaite, A.Kacergis, Martinkus and others were actively practicing.


On 16 October 2000, the Health Ministry of the Republic of Lithuania announced the bankruptcy of Druskininkai Physiotherapy Health-Resort.


On 3 April 2001, Druskininkai Municipality established the public Druskininkai Health-Resort. In the same year, the planning work began for the reconstruction of the old mud-cure home. In February 2002, reconstruction of the building was started.


In June 2003, the reconstructed Druskininkai Health-Resort was opened. 23 modern mudbaths, 18 mineral water baths, mineral water pool with undercurrents, steam sauna, relaxation rooms, mineral water pump-room were made inside the health-resort. The most advanced technologies are applied. 60 treatments can be performed in the health-resort at the same time.