Bars – cafes

The blue “Saunas” bar is a bar under an impressive blue glass cover attached to the stage creates a fresh impression of the foaming water by the blinking neon lamps. You can enjoy different drinks sitting on the blue plastic chairs. This bar is located in the sauna complex of the water park in Druskininkai.

VIP bar next to the saunas – attracts attention with a cosy retro style interior. A pleasant and solid wood coating invites to have a rest in the sauna and have some refreshing drinks. The bar decoration is a wooden sculpture of the Sauna angel.

“Water” bar on the wave – while in the water pool, get under the wave of the “Water” bar. A huge rolling wave foams up by enshrouding the persons sitting at the bar with the sea air.  Enjoy drinks and cocktails, and feel as the true surfers of the ocean.

Café “Bistro” – is a vivacious, warm, cosy self-service café with a drinks bar. Here you will find all favourite meals. As soon as you enter the pizzeria space you will feel as if in the real kingdom of water plants.  Settle down comfortably at the tables offering 130 seats. The tables are separated by walls imitating the waving water plants. Varicoloured surfaces of the tables and orange chairs set you into a happy and entertaining mood.