If you crave games and excitement, the entertainment and leisure centre offers you four bowling lanes, a table tennis area, games machines and cocktails. If you’re into seeking adventures on weekend nights out, check out the AQUA Nightclub, where parties are hot not only in the summer.


For those who are into cinema, 5D CINEMA on the first floor of the Aqua Park offers short films of various genres and length that are guaranteed to captivate both children and adults. Films last up to six minutes and the 5D theatre can be attended by one to four people at a time. We have no screening schedules: just pop in, select your film and watch it when it’s your turn (groups are recommended to pre-register by calling +370 645 45854).


We recommend that visitors who are active and exercise regularly visit our spacious AQUA GYM fitness club on the first floor of the Aqua Park.