Steam baths


Bathhouse area has got two AMBER baths for private relaxation.

There you can obtain honey, the Black sea salt, face masks, chocolate and seaweed body masks, which can be enjoyed separately from other visitors.




ARTEMIDA  bathhouse has an inbuilt screen where you can see marvellous changing images of nature, hear the relaxing music and smell pleasant aromas. ARTEMIDA bathhouse daily organizes bathhouse programmes – face masks. Bathhouse temperature – 55°C, humidity – 25 percent.


SHAHRIZADA – combination of blue and gold colours will make you feel as if being in the palace of a wealthy sultan… This bathhouse organizes daily bathhouse programmes with honey.


In AIDA and SHAHRIZADA bathhouses, the blue colour popular in Turkey prevails. AIDA – unusually high ceiling reminding of mosque cupola. Warm steam rushes through the luminous blocks of artificial ice accorded with the sounds of subtle music. AIDA bathhouse organizes daily 9 bathhouse programmes with honey and salt.


ISIDOS – bathhouse where the gentle and pleasant atmosphere prevails. The interior – a panel with scarabs and other motifs of ancient Egypt. Bathhouse temperature – 45 degrees, humidity – 70 percent. On weekends and holidays ISIDOS bathhouse organizes special bathhouse programmes for the nude (with honey and salt).


HAMAM bathhouses follow the swimming traditions of the Near East. The Arabic word hamam means to warm.

In HAMAM bathhouses, the swimming ceremony is extraordinary. Firstly, daily dust is washed off in the shower, then you stop by the steam chamber where soft massage is performed. Intensive warmth opens up skin pores and penetrates the muscles. After massage, you pour yourself with water and go to the resting chamber where you can cool off, have rest and drink some refreshing tea.

HAMAM bathhouse in Druskininkai Aqua Park is the building covered with marble, inside of which there is a big heating table and massage tables meant for lying.  Pleasant warmth and subtle illumination prevail in HAMAM bathhouse, the interior is dominated by marble mosaics, gold-coloured showers. Near HAMAM bathhouse there is a resting area meant for rest with warm benches for lying. From HAMAM area you can get directly into the premises of SPA centre East Island.   


A whiff of various aromas in KRISTAL bathhouse of Druskininkai Aqua Park… These aromas raise your mood, remove the nervousness, fatigue. Healthy substances penetrating into the body through widened pores of the respiratory tract positively affect the nervous system, enhance the activity of internal organs, especially heart and blood vessels.  Steam bathhouse cleans and refreshes the skin. KRISTAL bathhouse temperature – 50°C, humidity – 95 percent.