Dry sauna


On the second floor of Druskininkai Aqua Park there are two bathhouses only. TILIA bathhouse – hot and dry, its interior is made of bright lime tree boards. Bathhouse temperature – 90°C, humidity – 20 percent. You can get refreshed after the bath in the nearby ice chamber or under the cold water stream from the vat.


Sauna SENTO pertains to the Japanese style. The images and inscriptions are depicted in bathhouse interior. The facing of the sauna, produced out of cedar-tree wood, spreads a pleasant smell that is diversified by exotic aromas, getting into the sauna by droplets. SENTO bathhouse temperature – 70°C.


ALNUS bathhouse is on the second floor of Druskininkai Aqua Park, its interior was made of alder wood. This is a Russian bathhouse type heated by a furnace with stones. ALNUS bathhouse boards are arranged in two levels: some are in the lower, others in the upper part. Bathhouse temperature – 65ºC, humidity – 55 percent. An important feature of the Russian bathhouse is venik (a bundle of leafy birch or oak tree twigs) – it is ALNUS bathhouse that organizes special bathhouse programmes with veniks for women.


INFRA bath employs infrared electromagnetic waves that directly warm the human body. Heat penetrates up to four centimetres deep into the human body; such a heat penetration conveys the heat energy to the body and improves its conditions: warms the tissue, muscles, joints, intensifies the circulation of blood and body liquids. We recommend spending your time in INFRA bathhouse for 10 to 20 min. INFRA bathhouse temperature – 55°C.


The audience sauna GRANDE is the largest bathhouse in Druskininkai Aqua Park. The boards, produced from African wood abachi, are convenient and wide. Bathhouse programmes with various aromas take place in GRANDE bathhouse, bathhouse temperature – 60°C.


There are two timbered outdoors bathhouses in the private yard of Druskininkai Aqua Park. ALKA bathhouse is a bathhouse where extremely popular bathhouse programmes with veniks take place daily. Veniks made of oak and birch leafs are used for the bathhouse programmes. Bathhouse temperature – 70-90°C. You may get refreshed after the bathhouse programmes in the outdoor swimming pool, whirlpool bath or the stream of ice-cold water.


KANTRI sauna is an extremely hot village style bathhouse. KANTRI bathhouse organizes extreme programmes when the temperature reaches 110°C due to three furnaces containing 300 kg of stones! Artistic firestone ceramic lamps equipped in the bathhouse create a cosy atmosphere.


MODERN bathhouse has not only a stylized interior, an illumination imitating the sun, but also modern automated heating technologies as well as technologies of temperature regulation. An unusual highlight of the bathhouse – a professional artistic work of fireclay ceramics “A Heating Cat”, through which the steam penetrates into the bathhouse. Bathhouse temperature – 65°C, humidity – 50 percent.