Bathhouses area

I feel relaxation, smell the aroma, see the marvellous scenery of nature, hear the bird chirp… Have you ever had such a sensation in the bathhouse? All world bathhouses have particular traditions, but they are united by a single aim – a positive effect on health. Whatever bathhouse should be, it will retain essential usage principles: a person undresses, washes the daily dust off, gradually accustoms the body to heat, heats oneself, cools and rests. In bathhouses, people usually accustom their body to the hottest bath by going from one room to another, from the coolest room towards the hottest. One rests and cools on the way back from the hottest towards the coolest place. The area of 20 baths operates in Druskininkai Aqua Park, equipped according to traditions of different countries of the world. In the bathhouse area we recommend to take away your swimsuit.