Swimming Pools



The grand swimming pool is a huge swimming pool of Druskininkai Aqua Park where while swimming one can see the bank of the Nemunas through the large windows… An artificial hill under which the water cascades rumble overlooks the grand swimming pool. The whirlpool bath is at the top of the hill from which wonderful views of the aqua park area can be observed. Separate zones are formed in the grand swimming pool, meant for water exercises and gymnastics. The pool is decorated with palm-trees reminding of warm countries. You may swim from the grand swimming pool to the outdoors swimming pool in summer.

Separate zones meant for water exercises and swimming pool exercises that are conducted by professional instructors are formed in the grand swimming pool. The underwater hydro-massages restoring the body, relaxing the muscles, activating the blood circulation and reducing the cellulite and overweight are installed in the swimming pool. Currents of various intensity and frequency strengthen the spinal and leg muscles.



If You are fond of jumping over the sea waves, this entertainment is exactly for You! The system of generating the artificial waves generates the waves up to the height of 1,5 meter. Having swung on the waves, You may rest at the beach of the aqua park, which is equipped with a special ultra-violet lighting, or You may comfortably stretch Your legs on the lounge in the shadow of a palm-tree.

Being anxious about Your own safety, please, don’t forget to observe the rules because the waves are the waves in spite of the fact that they are artificially generated.

The oscillator generates three types of the waves: the ones of the high frequency but not the high ones, another ones of the low frequency and the most high ones and the refractive waves. The swimming pool of the sea waves is for the strong swimmers only. Depth of the pool – 1,5 m. Height of waves – 1,5 m. Duration of the surge 15 min.




Those people, for whom the hills would seem too extreme, may entertain themselves in the swift river. It’s a real pleasure to swim with the current, when the current of the warm river carries Your body. The currents, lashing from the walls of the narrow swimming pool, form an artificial water current, which resembles the river. People of various age are fond of the swift river attraction. Those people, who wish to relax, swim directly with the current; whereas those people, who prefer an active rest, swim against the current.

Depth – 1,4 m. Length – 75 m. Stream speed 1,2 m/s. Using the tires appointed for the rapid torrent and the swimming pool with the sea waves is a must.




If you wish to have rest after a hard working day, we offer to choose one of the many whirlpool baths in the aqua park. The air bubbles whirling in the water massage your body tenderly but efficiently. Bathing in the whirlpool bath produces an especially positive impact: already after 10-15 minutes muscles become relaxed and blood circulation is activated. The whirlpool bath is ideal for people who complain of sleep disorders, feel pain in their back and joints.