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Tired of entertainments in aqua park swimming pools and slides, you may just lie on your back, relax in the relaxation area. In accordance with the quiet music, pleasant environment, bubbling water columns will allow you to calmly read the newspapers, magazines.




Murmuring water cascades in the grand pool provide an inimitable massage…Aquatic procedures and massage help to maintain vitality, great physical shape and a good general feeling. Cascades are best suited for massaging the neck and spinal areas.




Aquatic entertainment area has got two baths – Oaze ir Karakum.




Water training exercises positively affect the whole body – first of all, movement and support systems – muscles are being trained, mobility and amplitude of joints increase. Water pressure alters bloodstream of skin and hypodermic tissues, as well as the whole body and heart work. The pressure on the chest and abdominal wall changes breathing – breathing in becomes laboured, while breathing out eases down – in such a way respiratory and bloodstream systems are being trained. While strained the improving peripheral bloodstream positively affects heart and vascular system work, stimulates metabolism and helps fighting cellulite. Water training exercises help to restore dysfunctional body functions faster.

A supplementary benefit of pedalling a water bicycle or using an elliptical trainer has natural water properties – hydrostatic lift power helps minimizing body weight without traumatizing joints and with the help of lesser effort allows performing movement of wider amplitude, and when performing painful movements protects from pain or reflex muscle contractions and inflammation flare-up. Water viscosity greater than that of air increases resistance to movement up to 60 times – when performing fast and sudden movements the resistance increases, a more intense force is needed for their performance, whereas slow and even movements in water are performed much easier. Warm water improves bloodstream, alters muscle tone and relieves pain.

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