Aquatic Attractions


EKSTREMALUS (Extreme) slides for those not afraid of the state of weightlessness and extreme situations. Slide length – 140 metres, children over 13 are allowed to try this slide out. Huge speed, flow of emotions and a refreshing water wave…


ADRENALINAS (Adrenaline) slide is meant for the brave and fond of adventures. The length of the slide is 80 metres, it can be ridden by persons over 13 years of age. Tyres are not used for riding ADRENALINAS. The major part of the route is outdoors but you will not feel cold even during wintertime!


BERMUDAI (Bermudas) slide is the longest slide in Druskininkai Aqua Park. Its length reaches 212 metres, slope angle – 11 degrees. Single- or double-place riding tyres are used for this slide. Children over 12 years old are already allowed to try this slide full of surprises alone by themselves. 

Darkness, sound effects, thunder, lightning and various other surprises are waiting for you in this adventurous route…


AZARTAS (Ardour) – 107 metres slide with a multitude of turns… This slide is ridden without tyres, riding here is allowed for children over 10 years of age. AZARTAS (Ardour) turns are full of sharp experiences…


SRAUTAS (Stream) – is an open-type slide for beginners meant for riding with tyres (single or double-place). Riding this slide is allowed for children over eight years of age. You will dart 80 metres in the blink of an eye, not even realising the distance. You will feel carried away by the swift and wild mountain spring…


SŪKURYS (Whirlpool) is a 40 metres length slide with a huge closed ball at its end… Only children over 13 years of age are allowed to ride this slide. Tyres are not used while riding the slide. You dart with unusual speed not even feeling your body weight when suddenly find yourself in a big closed ball where your acceleration gradually slows down while you are falling into the swimming pool…