Nudists’ nights

On the last Fridays of every month from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm the bathhouse area will be ruled by nudists!

We continue the tradition and organize Nudists’ nights on the following days:

20.00  AIDA, SHAHRIZADA salt
21.00  GRANDE herbs
21.00 – 21.30 AIDA, SHAHRIZADA honey



Nudist Card Guide


  1. Personal Nudist Card can be obtained by any participant of nudist’s nights who agrees to attend the bathhouse area being nude, i.e. without swimming wear.
  2. On nudists nights (except 29 December 2017) the staff shall apply “Nudist” paper bracelets for persons attending the bathing programs. Each participant of the nudists’ night shall receive one bracelet.
  3. Every person wearing the paper bracelet at the end of the nudists’ night shall receive a personal Nudist Card at the ticket office.
  4. Every person wearing the paper bracelet at the end of the nudist night shall receive only one personal Nudist Card.
  5. The Nudist Card presented together with personal ID document enables to buy a special-offer ticket for the nudists night for three or four hours, or a full day ticket for a single person with access to aquatic entertainment and bathhouse areas (except 29 December 2017):
    • 3 hours B+C adult – 13 EUR
    • 3 hours B+C elderly – 6 EUR
    • 4 hours B+C adult – 15 EUR
    • 4 hours B+C elderly – 7 EUR
    • Full day B+C adult – 19 EUR
    • Full day B+C elderly – 12 EUR
  1. On the day of the nudist night a full day ticket shall be valid from 12 at noon. Three or four hour tickets shall be valid from 6 PM.
  2. The Nudist Card shall be valid for the next nudist night, which shall be organized after the card issue date. Reservation: cards issued on 24 November 2017 shall be valid on 26 January 2018.
  3. Upon arrival to the nudist night he Nudist Card and personal ID document must be provided at the ticket office. It shall entitle obtaining a ticket according to the pricelist in the item 5 (except 29 December 2017).
  4. The Nudist Card is personal, therefore it can only be used by the person, whose identity is approved according to the personal ID document.
  5. Validity of the Nudist Card shall not be renewed.
  6. The Nudist Card special offers shall be combined with any other discount or special price.
  7. Visitors of the nudists’ nights must follow the rules and regulations of “Druskininkai Aqua Park” and the Republic of Lithuania. We kindly remind you that under the Article 284 of the Penal Code of the Republic of Lithuania, violation of public order (i.e. disturbing public peace or order by using offensive language or indecent acts in a public place) shall be punished by public works or a fine, or restriction of liberty, or detention.