Health Resort Druskininkai


Health Resort Druskininkai is an institution of modern technologies, encompassing centuries of SPA experience and traditions of personal health care, providing the services of ambulatory health care.

Modern baths of healing mud and mineral water, a swimming pool, vapour bath, massage rooms, physiotherapy, physical therapy, cryotherapy, relaxation rooms, winter gardens and mineral water pump-rooms can be found here.

Having assessed health condition of a patient, doctors assign therapeutic and health procedures carried out by qualified professionals.

Mineral waters used in the Health Resort Druskininkai are attributed to the group of calcium- chloridic-natrium mineral waters, and according to the mineralization levels are of low, average and high mineralization and salty waters. Water in the baths and the swimming pool comes directly from boreholes located at the territory of the Health Resort, and the healing peats are excavated from the Mašnyčių village quarry. All the therapeutic procedures are carried out using only natural mineral water and healing peats.



Therapeutical procedures are effective when seaking to improve health, prevent diseases and when treating diseases of movement and support system, digestive system, peripheral nervous system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system (st. I-II), skin diseases, having the disorders of the metabolic system, gynecological and urological diseases.



Health conditions when the balneotherapy and pelotherapy cannot be applied are all the stages of acute illnesses, diseases of cardiovascular system (severe blood pressure, stenocardia pains, some heart rhythm and conductivity disorders, higher than II grade heart failure), active infectious and auto-regressive processes (tuberculosis, rheumatism, scleroderma), malignant tumours, blood diseases, epilepsy, mental diseases, drug addictions, pregnancy and breast feeding.