Loyalty program “Friend”

Loyalty program “Friend”

1.      Program’s aim – to build as broad loyal AquaPark visitors’ circle as possible.

2.      Program’s essence – a loyal visitor shall have access to services rendered by DruskininkaiAquaPark for 0.01 €, if he/she has bought tickets in DruskininkaiAquaPark for 5 times before without applied discounts during a period of one year.

3.      Loyalty program shall be applied for all tickets bought on any day of a week.

4.      A loyal visitor of Druskininkai Aqua Park shall be considered a “Friend” (hereinafter – “Friend”).

5.      A visit with “Friend” card a visit to DruskininkaiAquaPark, during which before purchasing a ticket, “Friend” card is presented to a cash-desk administrator.

6.      Program description:

  • A visitor, who wants to become a loyal visitor, shall have to fill in the form (the form texts are prepared in three languages – Lithuanian, Polish and Russian). The visitor may obtain information about the loyalty program on DruskininkaiAquaPark website www.aquapark.lt or at DruskininkaiAquaPark cash-desk.
  • After filling in the form, the visitor shall have to pay “Friend” card fee – 1 €.
  • When purchasing a selected program ticket, the visitor presents to the administrator the filled in form with an indicated part (C or B+C) and specifies a ticket type (adult, senior, schoolchild, child) and an identity document with a picture.
  •  “Friend” shall be entitled to acquire tickets of any duration (2, 3, 4-hour or whole day) when visiting for the first-fifth time; the sixth time costing 0.01 € shall have the duration equalling the same duration of maximum number of visits. In case the number of two duration visits coincides, a ticket of a longer duration shall be generated for the visitor.
  • The sixth visit for “Friend” will cost only 0.01 €.

7.  “Friend”  card and its expiry:

  • “Friend” card shall be valid for five calendar years after its date of issue.
  • After “Friend” card expires, it can be prolonged under a special decision of the company’s director.
  • In case “Friend” card gets lost / damaged, the owner of the card shall pay 3 € fee for issuance of a new card and data-transfer operation.
  • “Friend” card discounts shall not be summed up with other discounts and they shall not be applied for subscribers.